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604 NW 23rd Ave., Suite 1
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: (503) 477-2463

"Creating structural harmony within the body and freeing clients from pain is what drives me as a massage therapist. Profound healing is an integrated experience of unwinding the body and mind to their natural resting state."

- Brandon Saggio, LMT

As a full time massage therapist and massage instructor, I truly strive to make breakthroughs in each and every client that crosses my path.

If you come to me with pain and limited motion, my goal is to bring you back to balance with measurable results! If you want relaxation or focused deep tissue massage, that is exactly what you will receive and more.

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"Helping clients enhance their quality of life is the driving force that inspires me as a massage therapist. Creating harmony within the body and mind through creative, detailed touch and problem solving can take healing to its highest potential."

- Dana Hazell, LMT

As a competitive athlete growing up I've always had an interest in the body and how it works. I had the privilege of experiencing the effects that massage therapy can have on performance as well as injury repair.

I've been so inspired by my own experiences with the craft that I wanted to share it with everyone else! Whether you are looking to...

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